INTEX Brand Licensing Agent
         Xiamen Zhansong Trading Co., Ltd. is an agent of INTEX brand in mainland China, engaged in the wholesale and retail of INTEX products. Our goal is to provide consumers with good and inexpensive goods and perfect services, so that consumers enjoy the fun of INTEX products. The products include the ground swimming pool (AGP), inflatable mattress, inflatable toy, inflatable pool and inflatable boat. The product is certified by CE, GS and TUV. It is safe and reliable. You can use it safely.
         INTEX has more than 30 years of successful experience in managing the national inflatable product market. At the same time, it has the most powerful production line of plastic leisure products in China. The products have passed the most stringent quality inspection before they are sold. You can safely choose each of our products. At present, INTEX plastic leisure products occupy 55% of the global market share, in more than 100 countries worldwide sales and services.